Nightfall of Diamonds (A Tribute to the Grateful Dead)

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May 6, 2017
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Holy Hand Grenade
May 6, 2017
Nightfall of Diamonds - Night Lights 2017

Nightfall of Diamonds


“Nightfall Of Diamonds”- A Tribute to The Grateful Dead & Jerry Garcia Band
Led by Kevin Kay (Sonic Garden) & Jason Staniszewski (Scarlet Begonias)


WNY has long been a hotbed for “DEADHEADS” and Grateful Dead Tribute artists, born out the many times the Dead graced WNY at the former Rich Stadium, building multiple generations of Deadheads throughout Buffalo and surrounding areas. This set is a tribute to just that…the multi generations of Heads and the artist that have honed that sound for us locally and afar.

One of the longest running Grateful Dead tribute acts in the US has been Buffalo’s own Sonic Garden. Starting in the 80’s (88 to be exact), the line up has seen many changes, including alumini Vinny D’Amico of MOE. But one mainstay over the years has been Kevin K. He has shared the stage with Rob Wasserman, Melvin Seals, Tom Constanten and many more .As a keyboardist & vocals, Kevin has been the longtime torch bearer in the WNY Grateful Dead music scene and continues that today. This guy…just keeps on truckin’!

Bridging that generational gap is longtime deadhead and guitarist Jason Staniszewski. Young and hungry, Jason has brought positive energy and jubilee to younger WNYer’s through his many outfits like Amajama and Soul Roach but also with his own Grateful Dead tribute, Scarlet Begonias, which has already seen sold out shows. Jason’s dedication and sharing of the GD sound…is refreshing to many who see and hear him.

Together, they have assembled and curated a who’s who in WNY music to present this amazing late night set. And who knows who will still be around to jump on stage!

SO…Make sure to Keep That Mother Rollin, Just One More Time, and Crank Out Those Rockin’ Shoes, cause we are going to play Til’ The Morning Comes. So, Shall We Go, You & I While We Can?

Players List-
-Kevin K. Keys/Vocals (Sonic Garden, DAB, Relics)
-Jason Staniszewski Guitar/Vocals (Scarlet Begonias, Soul Roach, AjamajA)
-Todd Eberwine Guitar/Vocals (Scarlet Begonias, Soul Roach, Dive House Union)
-Paul Zabrycki Bass (DAB, SkyePilot)
-Jay Race Drums (DAB, AjamajA)
-Matt Felski Drums (Scarlet Begonias, Lazlo Hollyfeld)
-Brandon Haima Drums (Just Good Business, SkyePilot)
-Justin DeCarlo Guitar/Vocals (DAB, SkyePilot)
-Dan Mylotte Bass/Guitar (Sonic Garden)