Neon Veins

Cold Lazarus - Night Lights 2017
Cold Lazarus
May 6, 2017
Neon Veins - Night Lights 2017

Neon Veins



If Hunter S Thompson and Bootsy Collins had a child – it would be NEON VEINS.

He is everyone’s favorite Uncle. He is our favorite uncle, for sure. He is the uncle you call in high school when you’re too drunk to drive home (and you don’t want your parents to know!) and the same one that brought you the beer in the first place.

NEON VEINS aka Joe Urge aka Jorge the Impaler, is a longtime mixologist (both beats & booze) and a name in WNY synonymous with DANCE PARTY. He is NLMF’s longtime late night resident DJ, slaying rare cuts and our booty shaking favs into the early morning. Born in the backwoods of Arkansas, NEON VEINS honed his skills of fat beats playing to a crowd of possum and sheep, slowly learning how to curve the sound of music for our listening pleasure. At the ripe age of 11, he hit the road and headed to the big city of Detroit, MI, where being homeless and penniless, he scoured records stores, day and night, rack after rack, searching for the SOUND. At 14, after being arrested for public nudity, he was discovered by Abe Fromann, the star maker of Michigan. Soon he started playing Bar Mitzvahs and became a regular on the Flint Seniors Living circuit and as they say…the rest is history

So be ready to revel in the joy of NEIN VEINS – He always brings out the best in us!!