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Night Lights 2017

Night Lights Music Festival is designed to stimulate the eyes, ears, heart and soul through MUSIC, LIGHTS and NATURE.

THE MUSIC at Night Lights is all about showcasing local and national talent on the same stage. The festival has seen some of the most unique collaborations and special sets these artists have performed, opening minds and creating new fans year after year.

THE LIGHTS at Night Lights transforms the trail in the woods into a work of art that can be felt as much as it can be seen, and when combined with the festival atmosphere, becomes a special experience unique to our festival. THE NATURE part of Night Lights is made possible by the incredible grounds at The Heron. Whether it be spending time with friends at the campsites or walking the trails to get from one set to another, our setting adds to the overall experience at Night Lights.

After all, who wouldn't be happier after spending a weekend enjoying great music and camping with friends?

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“‘Killer Bee’ is about standing up against prejudices,” the group tells Billboard. “Just because someone calls you a killer bee, doesn’t mean you need to kill.'

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NightLights| Contest

We would LOVE to see music festivals through your eyes! From now through June 30, 2016 we are holding the Festie Fun Photo Contest through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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NightLights| Tickets

After Sunday, 'Still Got Faith' tickets will be $60; limited time, very limited quantity. LAST CHANCE for 3 nights of music and camping for only $50.

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